The first chapter of this book “Be True to Character” Build and be guided by a strong moral authority explains the importance of character as it relates to being a successful leader. However, I think anyone with a decent moral compass knows how important character is in every facet of life whether it is business or personal. This chapter seemed redundant initially, but as I read it I thought Shallenberger did a fantastic job explaining why we need character instead of simply shedding light on having it. The anecdote at the very beginning of the book is one I became familiar with back when I was in college, Coach Saban would bring in a speaker every once in a while named Dr.Kevin Elko who is a motivational mastermind, and when he told this story I felt that I had recieved my dose of wisdom for the whole week. There are few things better than a great parable.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the first chapter?