This book has been very insightful so far. Atteberry does a fantastic job relating the tendencies of Samson to the tendencies of modern day men. He uses the term “strong men” a lot in the book to make reference to men in positions of authority and power in the world we live in today. Samson had this same platform, God handcrafted him and gave him all the tools necessary to lead his people out of slavery. However, the twelve tendencies Atteberry explained in the book deterred Samson from reaching his full potential. He was ultimately a huge disappointment to his people and to God. Like Samson, a lot of strong men today fall victim to the same tendencies that derailed Samson. Let’s go over each of the twelve tendencies so that we may conquer the Samson Syndrome and reach our fullest potential. Chapter one explains how strong men tend to disregard boundaries. Thoughts?