This is a really short read (can literally be read in one sitting) but the hour or so spent reading this book can have an infinite effect. When you mentor or lead someone the right way, they will eventually become competent enough to do the same, and as this cycle continues, your mentorship will have an impact on many generations. The reason I chose this book is because I feel as though I am in the perfect position to mentor, but just because someone can bake a cake doesn’t mean they’re qualified to run a bakery. In other words, just because I am in the perfect position doesn’t automatically make me a great mentor. I want to do it the right way, and I know it is of much importance to study a subject before you delve into it. The reason I am so intentional about being a good mentor is because I feel as though mentorship is needed now more than ever. With the emergence of social media, a lot of our youth are wasting away valuable time scrolling and switching idly from app to app, which is one of the sole reasons I started this book club. I want to help our youth spend their time wisely so that together we can impact the world in a positive way. So hopefully this book helps me in that regard, and everyone else who decides to read it for whatever reason they are interested in mentoring.